About us

Scekic & Partners is an Accountancy and Tax Consultancy firm with headquarters in Podgorica, Montenegro. Our client base consists of a variety of businesses including Finance, Hospitality, Engineering, Retail, Submarine Research, Energy and Construction Industry.


We are able to offer a wide range of professional services starting with the formation and establishment of the initial structure of your business including guidance for opening bank accounts and registering your business address; receiving and forwarding your mail; to a full package of accounting and tax compliance services on Montenegrin territory.


Scekic & Partners is mainly oriented towards small and medium sized businesses. Instead of charging by the hour, we prefer to inform the client in advance how much the service will cost them, so that they can anticipate the charge and know what they are getting for their money. For a package of accounting and tax compliance services the price is normally determined as a fixed monthly fee depending on the number of employees, complexity of the business activity and client’s particular needs.


Our experienced bi-lingual and tri-lingual staff is here to ensure that the best practice is always followed and that our already elevated work standards are maintained and improved.